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Sick of Fitness Being Over-Complicated?

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Yeah Me Too

That's why I'm bringing back the "simple" to fitness. Easy to follow tips, straight forward guidance, and no-nonsense exercises and food preparation through videos and blogs below. Everything you need in a one-stop shop.

Video Training

Youtube Channel
Legs Dumbbell Workout
Dumbbell Workout - Shoulders
Complete Home Workout (Circuit Style)
Complete Home Dumbbell Workout!
Simple Ways to Build Your Shoulders
Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Core
How to Squat More
Best Supplements to GAIN MUSCLE
Citrus Fruits

The Blog

Listen to the Podcast

So much truth in your content.
Thank you I needed that, I have been pushing and every now and then you stumble and want to quit!! But you got me back on track!
Great advice!
Love the positivity.
I just became your biggest fan.
As a former trainer and former natural competitor, it's very refreshing to have someone to help people debunk the myths...thank you.
Been Watching you for quite a while now and you've helped me so much, I've lost 75lbs and your videos have helped with that so much. 
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